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Baltic Amber

Hi sweeties,
With one day of our weekend left and a few days of October, I’m officially counting the days until my 28th birthday. Time has really passed by so quick…all we are left with are our memories, our family & friends ( the ones who stayed ) and little pieces that reminds us about our past. As a blogger, I do tend to collect a lot of stuff, but nothing compares to shoes and jewelry. Those are forever ! 
On today’s outfit post I’m actually wearing some really beautiful jewelry pieces that match perfectly my outfit! You’ll just have to scroll down for full infos and enjoy the pics my lovely cousin took 💋

What I wore:
Zara heels
Baltic Beauty Jewellery earrings, ring & necklace
These jewelry pieces really fitted so well my look and you can wear them in other outfit combos as well. 
A little bit about Baltic Beauty Jewellery:
” Inspirations behind our designs are deeply rooted in the beauty of nature, you’ll often find that our sterling silver elements mimic the sea’s waves, or parallel a tree’s colonising vines. We turn to every aspect of the natural world to offer an authentic reference for our creations.  “
So if you want really unique pieces with a touch of creativity, then their brand is what you are looking for. Me, I felt as I was wearing a piece of nature, a piece of heritage that is alive and thus, the most beautiful Amber Jewellery I ever saw.
Hope you liked the post, sweeties ! 
I’ll be back with more tomorrow xo

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