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Hello sweeties,
I’m back with a brand new outfit post today – YEY – ! I would like to thank all of your great people who are reading the blog and supporting me. As you probably saw, I made one lady happy today cause I’ve noticed she’s a faithful reader and I’m not really about giveaways and stuff like that.. I’m more of a rewarding people kind-of-person. I prefer to see that you come and visit the blog cause you want to, cause you get inspired and have the pleasure to do so, not just to win something you know…
I don’t have a main focus to be popular or to have lots of followers. My main focus is to create outfits that can inspire you on a daily basis, for events you must attend or to share with you my thoughts on the world, politics, fashion, travel, etc… The fact that I can have an audience on the other side of the screen is the big reward for me ! 
Anyway, I’ll leave you check out this cute look that I’ve managed to put together; a perfect mix for Friday 🙂

What I wore:
Zara sandals
Zara purse
Hope you like the look, sweeties!
I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new outfit post ^^

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