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No regret

Good morning sweeties,
I’ve had this weird restless feeling in my gut the other day, I’ve been like this for awhile now, but like yesterday was super amplified. So I woke up this morning, like I always do, and checked the news..there it was, another step towards war from North Korea; they’ve tested out a hydrogen bomb the other day, that, according to them was a huge success and that they can strap on to a missile to travel long distance 😑. Until now, that is the most unresting news from them yet ! I imagine that the 3rd World War is going to be similar with a bar fight; it takes just two people to start fighting and before you know it, everybody is fighting everybody ! I kinda needed to say that and also .. do live your days to the fullest, forgive more, be sad less cause what’s coming isn’t very pretty ..
Anyway, enough drama for one day ! Let’s just take a moment to relax and gaze upon what I’ve got instored for you today – a brand new outfit – YEY ! 

What I wore:
Zara sandals and purse
What do you think about this super cute look?
Isn’t it just darling ?!💕
Hope you’ll be back tomorrow to check out a brand new outfit post ^^

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