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Mercedes-Benz GLA200d

Hi sweeties,
Since I have some time on my hands this afternoon, I thought I’ll delight you with a full article on the new Mercedes-Benz GLA200d that I had the pleasure to try out for a full week ! 
First of all, you have to understand that this “little” baby is a part of the SUV class, so definitely a very cool model to “play” with.

So, what to expect?
I really loved what they did with the interior and of course, exterior design. Love the leather feel inside ( I am also a sucker for white interiors, so imagine how happy I was and what awesome pics you can take lol ), the ambient lights ( you can change the color even), the panoramic sunroof that you can also open.

With a 2.2 cm, you normally expect a high consumption, but I was really pleased to see it get a 5l/100km which was incredible ! Of course, you also have the four drive modes – Eco,Confort, Sport and Individual to better suit your driving style.
P.S. You can also enjoy your High performance LED headlights ! Totally recommend taking them for your safety (and others). They come in handy when it’s rainy or foggy outside.

Bummer points? I would definitely change its suspensions; a bit too rough for this car and bumpy roads are felt 100%. I think that was the only minus point I did find.
Other than that, the car is pretty spacious, comfortable inside (unless it’s a rocky road), with nice options, a nice price and I think quite accurate for people in between 25-35 years ( myself included). 
It drives itself really good. I got one with a manual gear and I can say it was fantastic to drive ! Nothing too fancy or complicated, just nice clean “metallic german baby” with a thirst for the road.
Kudos for this creation, Mercedes! 
Hope to test yet again one of your amazing cars!

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