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1st of August

Hi guys,
I’m at my fave restaurant now, waiting for my order and afterwards I’m totally hitting the pool in this hot summer day ! Did you know that in Romanian culture the month of August is called Oven? If you’d be here, you would understand.The temperatures are like 35C, but it’s bearable in shade. 
Anyway, yesterday I visited a dear friend of mine in Bucharest. Except for the big malls and lovely architecture, I’m not a fan of Bucharest. It kinda reminds me of Paris, but in a more despicable way. Take for instance taxis… the taxis are super shitty and I don’t mean the taxis as cars, but the drivers, always trying to rip you off and I think that, in general, people are so snobby and of course, you have the very few ones that are super nice, but all in all, I would hate to live there. Visiting is quite nice though… I spent the day at the mall ( the whole day even cause I wanted to go visit a museum that, unfortunately, Monday is closed).
Here’s the outfit I wore

What I wore:
Zara backpack satchel 
So, what do you think about this look? 🙂

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