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The Ark Cruise

Hi guys,
We are having yet another amazing day here in Brussels and I’m so happy that summer is finally here, like 100% ! I know most of you will be leaving for your vacations soon, so I was thinking of proposing a really cool getaway for all you electronic music lovers out there ! 
Have you ever heard of The Ark ? If not, let me sum it up for you – it’s the most epic electronic event at sea ! That’s right, it’s basically a cruise that goes from Barcelona port > Marseille > Ibiza and then straight back to Barcelona. And it’s happening this year from 31st August until the 3rd of September. 
Still not interested ? Well, know that The Ark has these amazing packages with meals and soda drinks included, everything starting at 899€. I suggest booking yours before everything is gone ! And because you’re my faithful readers, I would like to present a 5% discount code to make the deal even sweeter : RUXANDRA    
Just add in when checking out !
If I were you, I’ll totally go for the presidential suite and really take advantage of the best vacay ever ! 
For more information about who’s mixing at The Ark, you can visit their website and find out more ! 
Hope to see you there 😉

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