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Natural treatments. Haircare.

Hi sweeties, 
Today I have a really special post that I just know you’ll love ! Many of you asked me along the way what I do to have such a nice hair. Well, besides not dying my roots, I take really good care of my hair by applying contant treatments. I always go for the natural ones, one of my faves being cold pressed oils. And here I’m talking about all sorts…castor oil, olive oil, etc.
Recently, I have stumbled upon a brand that, luckily for me, has all sorts of natural ( BIO) cold pressed oils for cosmetic purpose, because, as you know, you can also use oils for your skin or nails.
The brand I’m talking about is Richard Solveig, launched in 2016 which proposes a wide range of natural cosmetics 100% BIO certified.

These four lovely natural oils will be a part of my hair treatment for the months to come.
If you’re curious on how I’m using them, then don’t hesitate to check my Insta-stories ! I’ll show you how I apply them and what natural masks I make with them. It’s true that, sometimes I use an avocado in the mix or even honey !
 You have the name of each oil down below alongside the description of the product.
All of them can be used also to hydrate your skin ! ( face and body)

For my complete hair treatment, I’ll be also using this Shea Moisture Shampoo, a brand that is also very attentive when it comes to natural ingredients.
Can’t wait to try my new loves ! 
Will def keep you updated on the result 🙂

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