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Festival time

Hey sweeyies,
Since it’s so sunny outside and I always get in the boho mood this time of the year, I thought I’d put together some festival looks ! Yes, looks,as in plural. This one is for the zen chicks, yoga lovers and environment fighters lol.
I’m totally sure you’ll like this look ! I’m really crushing on my new Sacha Shoes sandals that are simply a must-have for summer. You know, even without the whole festival mania, you still need a comfy pair of sandals to accompany you all summer, right? Like me, for instance, I’ll be taking these sandals to Tenerife ! Yep, have to have a comfortable pair of walking sandals ! Other than that, I also have a super cute bag from Sacha, but all of that on my future post 🙂
I’ll let you enjoy this cute piece of art for now.

What I wore:
H&M crossbody purse
Mango top
It was so cute shooting this in the park ! I simply love animals and the ducks behind me were so nice to let me shoot with them. And don’t worry, no flash has been used. I would like to have animals like this at a festival…but then again, people do tend to get drunk and listen to loud music…don’t think it’s such a great idea. But maybe to a more peaceful festival, this could be cool, right?
Anyway, I really hope you guys liked the look, and I can honestly say that I really like how my sandals go with everything. I think I won’t leave them alone all summer lol

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