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So very caj

Hey guys,
Yes, I know, it’s like 1am over here, but I’m still standing, and when I say standing, I really mean it as I had the most ( I would say horrifying but the moment was so brief that I’m not in shock or anything, so I’m gonna say weird maybe) weird (?) experience. Now it’s gonna sound crazy, but I always had these thoughts in my head like, what if, when I was on the highway, something would fall of a big truck and hit me just like that? I know it’s quite Final Destination thoughts, but today it kinda happened. I was on my way to Press Days Antwerp, with my boyfriend and I was sitting in the right seat and out of nowhere, this big metal bar was coming at me, like very movie-like. Obviously my reaction was to duck, but “luckily” it avoided me…it was so close ! If it were to break the window, I think I wouldn’t have been writing to you now. The car got hit on the side though and it has a nasty mark now …well, the bright side it’s not the new car we will be having in a few months and neither of us weren’t hurt, so I think it would be appropriate to be more happy than sad about the car.
Anyway, the Press Days ( or to be more appropriate the press PR rooms I have visited today), were super cool ! I hope you checked my Insta-stories to be up to date with everything ! 🙂
Furthermore, I also have a cute casual outfit post for you as well ! 

What I wore:
Asos jeans
Sacha bag
Really hope you loved the post, guys and I also hope to be back tomorrow with yet another lovely ootd ! 

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