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White pearl

Hello sweeties,
A new week is here and with it I realize that time is passing by so quickly and just this last Saturday I turned 10 years of relationship with my better half. Can you imagine? Some people don’t even have 10 years of marriage as we speak. I think that maybe this year will be the year I’ll tie the knot, or so I hope so. I’ve always imagined myself of galloping and taking my wedding dress and shoes in a bag and get hitched in Las Vegas. Totally clichée, right? 😋
What a lovely moment that day will be ! The focus is, of course, the wedding dress. Everyone is obsessing over it and every bride wants to shine on her big day! Choosing the dress may be a difficult task as there are so many out there ! Myself, I prefer to go to a brand with some years of experience that dedicates itself in helping the future bride. 
One of the perfect brands I like is White Pearl. A brand with the prestige and 7 years of experience I was talking about.

They create the dresses in France and Spain, also doing custom made dresses for the brides who already have their designs well set. Also, remember that they also specialize in evening gowns as well ! 
For me, the dresses that caught my eye are these:

A dream come true 😌. Just look at the fine lining and marvelous fabric to imagine how marvelous is wearing one of them for your wedding ! 
They have three collections available to choose from that you can find at their online shop, so I really hope that, if you’re planning to get married soon, I made you discover a new shop ! 

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