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The Embellished Trend

Hello sweeties,
I’m on my way to the seaside, cause, let’s face it, it’s too beautiful outside to stay indoors. I told myself that I just have to take advantage of some beach hours. Even though the seaside isn’t very fab here in Belgium, it’s still “do-able” 😜
So, I have two hours to kill. What better way to make this time to pass (in a constructive way), than to update my blog? I just can’t remember the last time I’ve done, what I like to call, a free article ! So my thoughts, my ideas in black and white.
Lately I’ve been so crushing over the embellished trend. As a big fan of Dolce Gabbana, you can imagine how excited I am to really come up with new awesome outfits featuring this trend. Since Dezzal is my new fave on-line store, I came across some really awesome garments that meet this style. Did you know that at Dezzal, which is actually more than a platform rather than an store, you can find real designer-made garments? I totally sustain designers and their amazing creations and I found some amazing ones on this wonderful platform. 
I’ll share with you some of my fave pieces from their store and I’ll let you share your opinion on which one would you advise/you’d like to see me in. 🙂

Really amazing, right? To tell you a little secret,I’m totally in love with the last one !   🙂
Let me know how you find the store and hope you’ll have a bal shopping there !
Thank you and see ya later alligator ! 🙂


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