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Hello again sweeties,
Oh, do I got an awesome look for you ! Warning – this is not for everyone – only the cool people ! 🙂
It’s been awhile since I did a super stylish fashionista look. So here I am today, mixing out my OnePiece hoodie that I’ve recently receive ( quick pointer: LOVE the fabric, so soft and comfortable), and an oldie but goodie skirt from Morgan de Toi. To set the bar high, I’ve styled my hair Colioo style , added this super sexy lace bra from Lacy Lindsey  and as accessories, my cute Buddha necklace from Leren Connor and of course, my “close-to-the-heart” Jevelo necklace and pendant (with the picture of me and my bff). Walking in style is mandatory, but walking in style and at the same time comfortable is simply amazing, so that’s why, to this mix I’ve matched my chocolate velvet and blue leather trainers from Cocorose London.
– The great result, ladies and gents! –

What I wore:
OnePiece hoodie ( find it here)
Morgan de Toi skirt
Lacy Lindsey bra ( the website coming soon here)
Cocorose London trainers ( find them here)
Urban Outfitters backpack
Leren Connor Buddha necklace (the website here)
Jevelo pendant and necklace (create your own by downloading the app, here)
So, I know it’s a long post, but I think that something really nice came out 🙂
How do you feel about the look?

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