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And yes, indeed, the temperatures had dropped, rain was also present today…wind… brrr.. Can’t stand it!
So hello again, lovelies! Sorry for the nasty introduction, but it’s true. I’ve been cooked up inside today and managed just to go for a little spin this afternoon. To “fight” the cold Northern wind, I had my Aran lambswool celtic Ruana wrap. I totally love this brand, their brand history that makes you feel like magic still exists, the quality that is very rare this days and not to mention the fact that Aran has become a symbol of the Aran Islands ( Ireland).
They’ve recently launched their new Autumn/Winter Collection for 2015, which you can find here. The collection included all typed of classic sweaters such as Fisherman’s sweater or grandfather’s cardigan, but they added some modern ones as well. You can read all about their new collection here.
And now I’ll leave you to feast your eyes on my new outfit that I’ve not only managed to feature with a Northern influence, but also combining the “no hands” trend that would be so big this season! (and continue reading – you have a surprise at the bottom !)
What I wore:
Aran Ruana wrap (find it here)
Zara boots
Neuville bag
And now for your surprise – Get 10% off their collection by simply signing up for their newsletter – is as simple at that ! – GO HERE.
Thank you for visiting my blog sweeties, hope you like the look <3!

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