Live from Thailand

Hi, guys!
It’s about 05:31am here in Thailand and seeing that there’s nothing to do at this early hour, I thought I’d post some updates on my trip so far.
I’m now in Chiang Mai and will be parting for Phuket later on today…
So far, so good. The weather is ok, the people are so nice and the landscapes and activities simply amazing!
So, here are a couple of pics took with my iPhone cause my camera is super heavy to carry around and very uncomfortable.
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~ Bangkok seen from my room at the 42st floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel ~

~ Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho temple, Bangkok ~




~Bangkok at night ~



~ Furama Hotel in Chiang Mai


~ White Temple, Chiang Rai


~ Laos ( and crazy ass whisky made from crawleras ichhh )


~ Tiger Kindom, Chiang Mai


~ Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai.

Hope you like my little retrospective on Thailand so far.
Will be back with more. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram for daily updates ☺️


UPDATE: Coming back in retrospective after my lovely trip in Thailand, here’s a little knowledge I’d picked up while visiting this great country:

People are quite friendly, the services are quite nice. It’s true that, in Bangkok you can find these busy streets and not so clean, but there are so many people living there and lots of them are struggling to make a living, so it’s understandable. I was following this girl on Instagram and she was b¨tchin’ about Bangkok that it’s so awful and polluted and that she’s quite sickened by the people and everything… I was really disappointed in the way she was making faces and you could see that she’s disgusted. But I think it’s quite disrespectful to be like that! These people don’t steal, they are quite dedicated to their work and yes, it is quite unclean in Bangkok especially, but it’s just the way it is…


The malls are very clean and tidy, hotels too ! So why rat like that ? Maybe she slept on the streets lol.

Anyway, I really loved Bangkok and Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai… Phuket was super cool as well, especially the funny cabs. 🙂

I would recommend having sunblock cream with you ! I stood like 30 minutes in the sun, so happy to see it because in Phuket it was quite cloudy when I visited, so when the sun appeared I was like ” I won’t put any cream on… what could happen in 30 min?”.

Well, the next day I woke up so ill, my face was red and swollen, my body was red… I felt like throwing up and I couldn’t enjoy my time in Phi Phi Islands. Yes, I did visited a few islands around Phuket. It was super cool !

Here are some pics:


I’ve visited James Bond island, Phi Phi island ( that I recommend with all my heart ) and the floating village – also super interesting to see how people live on water !



Thailand is a country of contrasts, which could be an interesting thing to see, to visit…but I don’t know if living there would be good. Except if you live on an island 🙂 I visited also an island that had no hotels, no nothing, just a place where they were cooking fish and rice and next “door” there was a souvenir mini-market. Super cute! I remember the rain falling down on us and we took cover, enjoyed some nice fish and Bob Marley’s music. 🙂


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