Body Language

Hi, guys!

Yet another week has passed and I just can’t wait for my birthday. I usually like celebrating every day of november cause it’s the month I was born, my “birthmonth” lol :D.
Anyway, I would like to come back to our fashionable part of the day and yes, I have a new outfit that’s fresh and casual. A cute mix in between my Chiceru printed cotton t-shirt and an old Bershka skirt, along with my Zara ankle boots. 
Without making you wait, here’s a song that I like so much with this lovely outfit:

What I wore:
Chiceru t-shirt ( find it here)
Bershka skirt
Zara ankle boots
Asos bag

How do you like today’s look? What would you change? 
Check out the Giveaway I’m running on my blog. It’s actual some sort of a campaign that everybody can win his/hers money back! Yes, that’s right 🙂

Just click on the photo below for more details:

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