Rio de Janeiro, capital of Brazil aka "January River"

Hello, loves ! 


I know that maybe I’ve been a bit short on outfit posts lately, but I had lots of catching up to do (at work mostly). So, today I decided to continue with my article on Rio de Janeiro and finally publish it.


As you all know, I recently went a week in Rio. After a long long flight ( 2h45 to Lisbon, and 10h to cross the ocean to Brazil), I was finally there, a Wednesday evening, tired and all, but feeling so great that I’ve managed to get to South America for the first time. I know rain is a bit rare in that part of Brazil, but apparently there was a cyclone “visiting” near by. Before I knew it, I was in my simple hotel room at Copa Sul, a bit wet from the pouring rain. I went to sleep right away.

The next day I went, as I always do when arriving in a new place, visiting the surroundings a little. I was two blocks away from Copacabana beach and 10 minutes by foot from Ipanema (the other famous beach of Rio). Evidently, the city and people were always on the move, day and night. The afternoon, I’ve visited a mall nearby as the weather was to cloudy and rainy, so I thought to myself that some shopping would cheer me up. Sadly, the prices were way to high, even higher then Brussels, and the things that were affordable weren’t that interesting or good quality.


– Copacabana in rainy mood 🙂 –

– Ipanema –


The next days, I’ve visited the Botanic Garden of Rio, the Sugar Loaf Mountain and on the Friday before Easter, the statue of Christ the Redeemer. 


All of them are worth visiting, and for instance, the Botanic Garden is accessible by bus, and the entrance fee is like 2 euros. A must-see for green lovers.

Here are some pics from there:







Sugar Loaf was a bit more expensive to visit, and I warn you that you must be very patient to get to the top cause the line is very loooong. But once there, the view is exceptional.


Here are some photos:







The last one is a bit sketchy, but nevertheless I loved the view from up the Sugar Loaf Mountain!
So, on that Friday, I’ve visited as well the statue of Christ the Redeemer. And not to sound to nationalist, but our guide “forgot” to mention that the sculptor who created the face of the statue, was romanian ( Gheorghe Leonida). Other than that, you will have a long line waiting for you (as usual), but it’s a must-visit for all tourists ! Frankly I’ve saw the statue from all angles; ground, mountain, sky, and from beside its pedestal . From all angles – AMAZING!



In another day, I went on a jeep trip which wasn’t that amazing. I found that the Botanic Garden had much more to show than the National Park. Sure, it was lovely as well, but I didn’t see any birds or other animals, although that’s what I expected from the trip. Still, I found out some fun facts about Rio, its history and anything else related to the monuments in the park.


It was a relaxing afternoon, a breath of fresh air along the beautiful trees and waterfalls in the park.




Bur before the park, there were some people in the jeep that chose to go on a favela tour. Of course it was interesting to do that too, just learn about how they live there. The real life Rio! But time wasn’t on my side…


We left them there and picked them up after the park, so I was able to get  a little taste of the surroundings. 





I would say that the best experience I had was the one with the helipad ! 


Although it may seem expensive at first sight, for someone who hasn’t done it would be so awesome to do it here, in Rio cause honestly, you have what to see. In Belgium, the price might be even double than Rio, and plus that you don’t have much to see. So, yeah, I definitely loved it ! I’m not afraid of heights (as long as I feel safe that is)

Here are some personal souvenirs from my flight:









So, I know it’s a bit long, but this was my trip from Rio.


And as central outfit, I would pick this one that went perfectly with the scenario:

What I wore:

Blanco t-shirt

Bershka shorts

Zara wedges

Men at Work cross body satchel

Hope you like my post and I wish you a wonderful night, as it’s a bit late now and I’m so sleepy -_-




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