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Feeling Purple.

Hello, darings!
With just a few days left until my departure, I just wanted to make the best of every single day and just work at maximum power, therefore you will be seeing (hopefully) each day a new post with a new outfit :).

Today, I’m “showing-off” my beautiful tea dress from the amazing online boutique BLAKE& CO which is simply stupendous! I’m saying that because do to my recent hair colour I find it difficult to find suitable clothes. Luckily, the purple of this fine dress suits me just well, brining out my eyes. ^^
It has a modern design and it’s just perfect for the city. Really gives you that confident flair.
I also have a great news for you guys! If ever you want to purchase something at BLAKE& CO, being my readers and all, you can benefit of a 20% discount until the 15th of May. Just type in the promotion code Ruxandra when checking out.
Happy shopping ! 🙂

What I wore:
BLAKE& CO modern tea dress 
Zara sandals
River Island clutch
Mango belt
SIX earrings 

Hopefully you like today’s look and I just can’t wait to read all your comments ^^
I love it when, before bed, I have some alone and quiet time and I start reading all that you guys have to say.  Thank you for that btw ! ^^

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