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Owl love

Hello, sweeties!
Hope you liked my earlier post about dresses. I’ve been meaning to post it for some time now… Anyway, I just got back from outside, at this hour it’s kinda chilly, but you can see that the day is bigger now, so there is still a bit of daylight even now.

For today’s outfit, well, I went somehow comfy and maybe a bit to youthful? The arrival of spring really gets the inner child out and I feel like doing all sorts of new fun stuff, as I always liked adventure and all 🙂
My package from Mr.GUGU has arrived just in time today, carrying three wonderful sweaters that are positively cute ^^
The sweater that I’m wearing today fits very good so many outfits and I wanted to take it with a skirt, but I knew I would come back a bit late, so I thought choosing leggings would do the trick 😉

What I wore:
H&M leggings
Mr. GUGU and Miss GO sweater ( find it here )
WConcept Korea booties
Zara clutch

Well, this is what I wore this afternoon and I can just say that I feel so comfy in this outfit. Even the booties have a great heel, perfect thickness and hight. 🙂
The sweater is very cozy so no worries about being cold ^^
Hope you like this look and just can’t wait to read all your comments !

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