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Now that the Love is gone

Hi, guys!

Today I took a big step into booking an awesome vacation for the end of April. I wanna try something new, go as far away from here as possible and just enjoy a perfect holiday! Hope it will be a great one… Can you guess where I’m going? Here’s a hint: it’s not in Europe 🙂

I also heard today on the radio a song I liked so much… Kinda was my inspiration for today’s outfit ^^(I’ll add it below)
Oh, and about what I’m wearing, I just want to say a few words on this comfy asymmetrical jumper I have from Romwe. It’s simply cool and chic! ^^
I added a note of originality and dared to wear some printed tights from Fiore, that I find so cool. Seing now the pics, maybe it would have been better to wear booties instead of pointed heels, but nevertheless I do hope you like the rest of the outfit. I guess I’m falling more and more for grey contrasts.

What I wore:

Romwe assymetric jumper ( find it here)

– Zara pants

– W.E. jacket

– Fiore tights ( find them here)

I guess if you like tights and you want to find something original as design and a great quality, Fiore is the place to go ^^ . 

And speaking about originality, here’s some great news from Romwe:

Valentine’s gift of free cash coupon! Valid for products on the whole site!

Everyone has a chance! Don’t miss it, my dear friend!

Form 21st January to 23rd January!  Only three days!

Check all items here:

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