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Need To Know

Hello, sweeties!
Here we are, one day closer to the weekend, one day closer to the end of the Sales period… I hope you all have found beautiful things. I’m still “hunting” for now. ^^

Today’s outfit was inspired by a song that I totally fell in love with. I’ll shared it down below, so you know what I’m talking about.
I even found a great environment to shoot the pics. So, on today’s “menu”, we have a cool mini skirt with structured pleats from Choies mixed with this unique floral print dual-tone sweater from Romwe; add some cool booties and as jewellery some gorgeous jade earrings from Pretty Purple Boutique plus my 24k gold plated name necklace from Onecklace boutique. Result? Spectacular !! 

Inspiration song:

What I wore:
Romwe jumper ( find it here )
Choies skirt ( find it here )
W.E. leather jacket
Morgan de Toi booties
Pretty Purple Boutique earrings ( find them here
Onecklace name necklace ( find it here)

I hope you’ll enjoy today’s outfit and probably the cool song ^^
I wish you a wonderful weekend! Lots of fun! ^^

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