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Mixing it up

Hi, guys!
I bet you are all so busy preparing for the last night of this year, and I’m sure you’re doing a great job at it. 🙂 I’ll spend my New Year in a family atmosphere, nothing special, just my loved ones. 

I was willing to attend the bal thrown here in Brussels, but that would mean spending some time (well a lot actually), choosing a dress maybe.. making preparations.. So I thought I’d go “light” this year :).
That way I can have more time to blog as well :D. So, today I did a few shots, although the weather is dreadful.. rain and wind.. can’t even describe in words how I hate it. Nevertheless, I was meaning to try on the dress from Wholesale7, which turned out to be a longer blouse to say so :). But as I love a challenge more than anyone else, I did manage to do a combo that I really hope you guys will like.

What I wore:
– Zara booties
LiuJo coat
Wholesale7 dress ( find it here)
Zara feather skirt
Zara envelope bag
Wholesale7 necklace ( find it here )

The dress has gain its big plus for the off-shoulder design. I totally love dresses that have personality and that fit me so good.
So, this is my look for today darlings. I really do hope you’ll enjoy your weekend. If the weather allows me, I’ll be back tomorrow with another awesome post. 🙂

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