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Ain’t no Wifey!

Hi, guys!
Christmas is just around the corner and I’m sure you’re all busy with preparations for this magnificent holiday. Frankly, I would have wanted some snow, at least for Christmas Eve, even though I’m not a big fan of snow or cold.

Tomorrow I’m having my first ever catwalk, for the moment nothing public, just a model for a student designer, a pretty awesome girl I’ve met trough Lookbook. I’m very curious and hope everything will go well :).
Today I’ve managed to buy some decorations and finally did my Christmas tree! I bet you’ve all seen it on Instagram ^^. It’s not a big one or an expensive one, but I always maintained the Christmas tradition as I could during the years, even when I didn’t had much.
Today’s outfit, as you can imagine, was something really comfy and cool, just perfect for the stores full of impatient people. 🙂
I’ve managed to finally wear my ankle boots from Wholesale7 , which I must say that they are sooooo comfortable. I just couldn’t believe it, I swear! I could walk miles with these babies. Plus that they are stylish as well ^^
And what better thing to match such comfy shoes, than a comfy sweater? Mine comes from Romwe and I can say that besides the cute design, it keeps you very warm for this cold season.

What I wore:
Wholesale7 ankle boots ( find them here) 
New Look tights
Zara short
Romwe sweater ( find it here)
W.E. jacket
New Look satchel

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