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Fighting the Rain

Hello, my sweeties!
Oh, today was such a horrible day. I swear if I had the opportunity to move to Spain or Italy or another country that doesn’t have 24h/7 rain, I would do it in a heartbeat. I hate rain and cold really gets to my head and destroys my moral state. For me the sun represents an endless source of energy for a good life. Without it, I feel drained of power and nigh and day is all the same to me… 😦

Fighting the dastardly weather, I managed to shoot some pics, in the rain naturally…So I do apologise for my grumpy face.  It’s painful to stay and do all that precise make up and styling my hair for only but rain!
The only element from my look that literally screams “warm weather” is my perfect faux leather skirt from Udobuy, which matches so well the eagle necklace from the same boutique. 

What I wore:

Udobuy skirt ( find it here )

Bershka shoes

Mango jumper

Zara denim shirt

Udobuy eagle necklace ( find it here )

Forever 21 necklace 

Zara bag

Hope you like today’s look even though it’s done in the middle of the rain, maybe somehow it gives it a unique scenario.

Do stay tuned on my blog as I will have a great Giveaway soon! In the meanwhile you can follow me on my social networks to stay updated.



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