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Get Free

Hello, sweeties!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I had a very good friend of mine returning to Brussels for the last time in a few years, so I spent some time with her these days… Friendship is such a wonderful thing

But today I’m back with a brand new outfit post, an outfit that was so suitable for today’s weather (a bit cloudy, but still warm). I just took my lovely blazer from Banggood, another great online store where they have such cool clothes at democratic prices (it’s good for this economy, right?), along with a black romper from Bershka.
This is what came out:

What I wore:
– Banggod blazer jacket ( find it here)
Bershka romper
Zara boots
Forever 21 necklace
I believe this outfit goes so well together and the fact that the weather was still ok for this type of blazer, makes the outfit more comfortable ^^
So, I hope y’all like today’s look and I really do hope that you’ll visit Banggood for more cool clothing and jewellery items .

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