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Once upon December

Hello, my sweeties!
I know it’s not December, but the reason Ive chosen this title is because today’s look reminds me of royalty, hence Kate Middelton, my live version of the cartoon Anastasia :).

Actually the dress I’m wearing today is inspired by the one Princess Kate wore to BAFTA Brits event (hers was from Alexander McQueen). Mine is from Oarry, a great online boutique that also does prom dresses evening dresses  and cocktail dresses. How about that? Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Wait ’till you see my gorgeous lavender dress ^^

-What I wore:

Oarry dress ( find it here )
Zara clutch
Six earrings
Jimmy Choo sandals
I think this dress is perfect for a garden wedding! The best part is that as you are my lovely readers, you get a 15% at Oarry boutique, and yes, even for my gorgeous lavender dress :). Just tap the discount code RUXANDRA when checking out ^^

Oh, and I would like to announce the winner for the FashionShortlisted scarf Giveaway as well!

So, congratulations to miss Julia Marielle! You’ll be receiving an email soon with details ^^

Also, don’t forget that you have until the end of the month to enter my other Giveaway hosted by me for Inner-Desire.

Just click on the image below to be redirected on the contest page 🙂

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