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Ice Ice Baby

Hello, my dears!
Hope the week is going just well for you. I just wanted to share with you an outfit that it’s very dear to me. Why you ask? Well, while shooting it, we’ve saved a little kitty that was stuck in a tree. Cutest thing ever! I so love animals… She was in a tall tree and screaming for help. Luckily we were there and rescued the poor thing and also shoots some pics with her ^^

Today’s outfit features as well another necklace from Wild Butterfly Boutique, J Crew inspired that is, in another pretty color that I like so much ^^

What I wore:
Zara pants
Zara blazer
Bershka top
Zara sandals
New Look clutch
Wild Butterfly Boutique necklace ( find it here)
Guess sunnies
Michael Kors watch

So, hope you liked my outfit for today. I know it’s a bit “crazy”, but hey, so am I :).
Don’t forget to follow me social. I’m probably on my way to Budapest ^^

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