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Belly Button piercing – coming back in trend?

Hello, sweeties!

Still here in Thassos. Want for a nice boat ride today where I saw the entire island from the sea… It was fantastic.
But I wanted to talk about something else in today’s post, so no ootd like usual :). Yesterday, while laying on the beach, something caught my attention. I saw a group of teen girls all with their belly button pierced. It’s been quite a while since I saw this trend. I remeber when I was in highschool, everyone would pierce their eyebrown or ear and I had a dear friend of mine that pierced her belly button… It looked so awesome at the time, but now she doesn’t wear it anymore (old people here lol)
So, yesterday, when I saw this group of young girls, got me thinking – is this trend comming back?
Personally, I would pierce any part of my body… But I do like to admire other people’s body jewelry. It is indeed, a fashionable accessory and probably will go back out there!

There are so many wonderful sites where you can find gorgeous navel rings, like, or I saw that they have a wide range of garments. Here are my faves:

The new chic

( To view the items, simply click on them ^^)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Can’t wait to see your opinions ^^ 



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