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One dress- Two styles. – Not so Basic collection –

Hello, sweeties!
Another summer week has started and I thought today I’d do a more complex post. 

First of all, I want to say a few words about a lovely online store, namely Not So Basic. They are a portuguese brand that offers quality clothes at democratic prices. Practically, you have a piece of clothing that can be used for different occasions.
That’s what I’m presenting on the blog today, one dress, two outfits – one that you can go to work with and one that you can go out. Being a basic piece of clothing, leaves you the advantage to style it however you want!
On the left side, you will have a working outfit, and on the right side, you have an outfit that is perfect to go out in the town for a lovely evening.
It’s how you style the dress that makes a difference 🙂

What I wore left:                                            What I wore right:
Not So Basic dress                                       – Not So Basic dress
Mango heels                                                 – Zara shoes
Moschino DIY belt                                        – Zara necklace
Local store bag  
                                            – Zara clutch

Bellast earrings

I really hope you like today’s post and think I’ll do another one on “how you style a blouse” for two 

occasions. What do you think :)?

See, when styling, even a pair of earrings makes a difference. I had mine on my working outfit from Bellast.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
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