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Hello, sweeties!
I don’t know why, but when you approach a date when you know you are going on vacation or have something awesome planned, you get so impatient and days seem so long and boring.. Well, that’s me right now. I know that I’ll be departing for Romania soon, so I’m very anxious and the days seem to be passing so hard.. I wish the time would pass quicker ! 🙂

Still waiting for further reductions in stores, I found myself searching new outfits with the clothes that I’ve already have, so here you have today another look that the little editor of a fashion magazine inside me has created :).

Groove of the day:

What I wore:
Blanco top
– Zara laced shorts
Zara heels
Forever 21 bag
Zara bracelet

I know that it’s not a very special look, but it’s something you could wear in the city when it’s over 25 degrees outside.. sorry for the grumpy face..geez I should smile more! 
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