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Google Reader is going away

Hi, guys!

Oh, yes, I’m still shocked!

Just wanted to remind you that Google Reader is going away the 1st of July sadly 😦 .. and as many of you are already following me there, I would kindly ask you to follow me through Bloglovin’ . )
Everybody is speculating that Bloglovin will be the next Google Reader, so if you like my blog and would like to stay in touch with me, please do follow me there. ( you can click the icon down below to be redirected to my Bloglovin page).

 Also, for the bloggers who will join me through Bloglovin, leave your link below so I won’t miss out on anyone and forget to return the love ^^.
Thank you and keep in touch 🙂

Follow on Bloglovin

5 thoughts on “Google Reader is going away Leave a comment

  1. Done lovely, followoing you now on Bloglovin !
    Would be happy if you do the same !

    XX Luba 

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