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OOTD: Forever 21 dress and braided hair

Hi, guys!

Before my come-back, I thought I’d show you some pics with my Forever 21 dress that I absolutely love and think it’s so perfect for summer! I hope you like it ^^
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What I wore:

Forever 21 dress

– Asos heels

– Cecile handbag

Until next time I wish you best!

33 thoughts on “OOTD: Forever 21 dress and braided hair Leave a comment

  1. Well, it was the color of this dress what called my attention..but that necklace is a total WOW,…where did you get it? plus the shoes match with it…and that braid is the perfect finish for that look..
    as usual..amazing = D


  2. This is why I love F21 so much. They never let you down when it comes to dresses and style of course. You look amazing and the dress looks fabulous on you. Also adoring the shoes too!


  3. Gorgeous! You look beautiful in this high-and-low yellow Summer dress. The braided hairdo goes with this outfit so well! Love this look!

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post. Thank you 🙂



  4. I LOVE the wrap style dresses! I think they are so flattering on so many body shapes. Every time I go to dress stores I'm just drawn to the wrap dresses. I really like the length and color of this one. I even like how they put together the whole entire outfit. It's definitely functional in that it can be dressy and casual.


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