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Warrior princess.

Hello, my loves!
The weekend passed, so I’m sure y’all had plans ^^… well for me the weekend was more work than play cause Monday morning I have my flight for Palma.. 8 days of sun, sea and sand ! Can’t wait :).

I know that I’ve been missing around here, but if you are following me via Twitter/ Instagram / Facebook, you will be surprised to see that I have a little bit more activity. I don’t have to do a full post just for sharing stuff. I find it easier to do it there, so if you like to stay updated, just follow me there! Plus I’ll be going to visit some incredible places and there will be photos ! πŸ˜€
I’ll be preparing some posts to go live on the blog so don’t miss out ^^
Anyway, here you have today’s outfit. This skirt reminds me of one Kim Kardashian had in a photo… I know she’s pregnant now, but some dresses don’t really fit her figure :/ . I was disappointed to see some of her appearances as fashion failures… she’s such a big style icon, so she would know that even if it’s Gucci isn’t necessarily good for her.. but since she recently became a mom, I’ll forgive her this time πŸ™‚

I don’t know if you guys ever listen to my music, but here you have again the groove of the day πŸ˜€

Β What I wore :
Zara ankle boots
Morgan de Toi dress
Versace for H&M bag
Mango shirt

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