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Red blooded woman.

Hello, my loves!
Here we are today, at the end of another lovely summer week that brings us closer to vacation ^^

I’ll take my “advance” on Monday when I’ll be “flying” out of here :).
I really love this wonderful weather, but I’ll be so happy when I’ll have some tan on as well.. it’s so dreadful to be so white. My skin needs sun.. it needs her vitamins ( I’m rather against artificial tanning. I had a bad experience in the past and I believe that it makes your skin older, so that’s that^^)
Even so, I wanted to wear my beautiful red asymmetric dress from SheInside today. I’ve styled it up with a black thin belt so it matches my pretty Karen Millen sandals and also define my little waist. Although it’s perfect as it is, I felt that it needed some styling up for the look I was going for. So, a nice thin black velvet belt, my Massimo Dutti necklace and the Guerlain purse I had from a perfume set did the trick!

Groove of the day:

What I wore:
SheInside red sleeveless asymmetric dress ( get it here)
Karen Millen sandals
Guerlain purse
Prada sunglasses
Massimo Dutti necklace
Moschino vintage earrings

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Also, I suggest you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter so you’ll stay updated when I’m gone in my vacation :). I’ll be missing like 8 days and I’ll share with you pics from there ^^

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