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Hello, my loves! 
Looks like I’ve started the week very well.. for my blog, at least.. I was selected Top Top Blogger of May at Your Next Top fashion community! You’ve probably heard of them… they have Your Next Skirt, Your Next Jacket, Your Next Shoes.. etc 🙂 . I’ve now made it to the Top selection 🙂

Anyway, the main thing is that all these awards and your appreciation gives me confidence that what I am doing is something good! And it keeps me motivated and making me wanting to do more…
I have you to thank for that! Watching my blog grow and flourish into something so nice, has really changed my life! I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart !
So, that being said, we’re going to move onto the outfit I wore today. I was so mad at FedEx ( I bet everyone has problems with them, but anyway, here in Belgium stuff like this are everyday problems..), that I just threw something on and went directly to their headquarters to pick my package up (hence the upset face)! .. ups.. 🙂
Yes, you have a special post waiting for you tomorrow, my dears ^^. The surprise is spoiled! There!

Groove of the day:

What I wore:
Mango ankle strap sandals ( similar here)

Mango pants
New Look top
Zara blazer
Asos clutch

Well, that’s my post for today. Don’t forget to join my GIVEAWAY !!We have to be at least 30 participants so it’s valid, so pretty please enter ^^
Oh, and you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for daily exclusive updates!

29 thoughts on “BOOM! Leave a comment

  1. You're such a beautifull woman i 'dlike to thank you for commenting at mine and making the effort to write in Frenh, it s very smart ! Thank you again and Keep going on !!!
    You'r french fan!!


  2. hi girl

    nice look…i love your floral pants paired with the blazer and the tee…the necklace add extra points

    following…check my blog if you like follow back



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