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Love potion no 9

Hi, sweeties!
I hope you had a great weekend. Seems like today I had a little spear time, so I was so happy to shoot something more special. Call it a Sunday Special lol.

I didn’t “wear’ that bag that I made from quite some time now and so I though I’d “build” an outfit with it. ( see the DIY here).
I’ve been re-watching Sex and the City, so I’m all in the Carrie “zone” today..she had some amazing outfits! Don’t you agree?

Here’s a song I like as well. It inspired me:

What I wore:

Forever 21 dress ( very similar here)
Zara coat
Yves Saint Laurent ankle boots ( similar, also from YSL here)
DIY Carrie Diaries purse ( see tutorial here)

Jezz, I do miss doing some DIYs… I’m sure gonna take an afternoon off and do something cool again. I was so happy that this cute bag had so much success ^^
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