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Ici Paris XL – Be Creative Event

Hi, guys!
A new week has started and today I wanted to finally share with you my little experience at Be Creative event, hosted by Ici Paris XL at Carré club, Willebroek which I attended on the 2nd of May. ( I know I’m a bit late..well.. a bit more lol).

Anyway, they’ll be having a new line of make-up starting June, in the Ici Paris XL stores, entitled Be Creative. The concept is quite simple, something similar to Mac actually, a cool, more quality make-up that will be affordable for everyone. I don’t know the prices yet, but the make-up seemed ok :).
At events I always “lay low”. I don’t like going and shouting out that I’m a blogger because I prefer to be treated as someone normal. That way I can tell the story from a client/guest`s point of view! I think that’s natural, right?

What I wore:
Mango pants and heels
Zara blazer and top
Yves Saint Laurent clutch ( get your own here)

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you probably saw some pics at the beginning of May. I’m so happy that I was able to finally post this! And for those of you who are not following, well, you are missing out a lot of updates! 🙂 Sadly I can’t blog more times a day, so I usually post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. The dress code there was: all black with a dash of creativity btw…so I hope it was a good match Hopefully, I’ll publish another post on Shop my Closet.. I have so many things I have to sell! ( gotta make room for my next clothes ^^)

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