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Croatia. Part III

Hi, guys!
Here you have my last post from my vacation in Croatia.
During my stay, I’ve visited two islands: Ugljan and Hvar (in different days, as you can acknowledge). I adore the scenery there and the fact that the wilderness is well tamed by the hand of man, but in the same time preserved in a clean manner so that the ecosystem can follow its natural course.

As the whole trip was quite long and so much information was stored to be shared, I invite you to check my other two posts about my adventure in Croatia, here and here .


 It’s been a wild ride and we missed the ferry back to Zadar. Had to stay another 2 hours on the island, but it was worth it.
I think that there are even more beautiful islands in Croatia that are worth seing, you just have to have some time on your hands.
This view is from Hvar. I liked the description of someone, stating that these little islands are like “tiny stones dropped out of God’s pocket” . Lovely landscapes nevertheless! My two and a half hour ferry ride was worth it ^^
While I was there I thought I’d do some shoots for my blog post with what I was wearing, but all of that in another outfit post :).

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