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Bonnie Parker inspired outfit

Good afternoon my loves!
As you can already deduct from the title, this post will be dedicated to Bonnie Parker. I was listening today to the song that marked the last episode of Gossip Girl and it put me in the mood to “build” an outfit inspired by the sex-symbol that was Bonnie in the early 30s. 

Now if you are following me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a sneak preview, but here is the whole outfit:

What I wore:
– Bershka heels
Bershka skirt
Zara jacket
D&G shirt
New Look clutch

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! 
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24 thoughts on “Bonnie Parker inspired outfit Leave a comment

  1. Ciao, Hi there in Brussel…first time here:You have a great Blog and Your Style is so Unique, Creative, Fabolous and Artistic…Chapeau!
    Great Outfit…very nice combo, the peplum and the boots are amazing…Cheers!


  2. This outfit is great! I love every single piece on its own and all together! I mean I could give you a detailed report why I love this look, but I guess that'd be kinda too much ^^


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