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First attempt of Spring

Hello sweeties ! 
As you can tell by the title, today we had almost a day of Spring… it was more sunny with singing birds than an actually 100% spring day, but you have to be thankful even for that, knowing that Brussels weather isn’t the most sunny in Europe. 
Anyway, I’ve put together a last minute outfit and went out to enjoy the beautiful sun. I am still in “rehab” from buying new things and I can tell you it’s a bit hard :). Probably I will go tomorrow for a little spin in the stores if I have the time… I prefer to dedicate this year on traveling! 🙂

What I wore:
– Mango maxi skirt ( similar here, but loving this one)
Zara jacket ( loving this one from Tony Burch)
 Forever 21 hat ( in burgundy here )
Urban Outfitters bag ( dreaming of this one from Chanel)
Zara knit sweater 

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  1. Hello from Spain: I was in Brussels several times a year for reasons of my work and the weather was always dark and rainy. The sky was never blue … I'm glad to see in your photos that you have good weather. Nice outfit. Keep in touch


  2. Hi Ruxandra! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and linking up and following! I'm now your newest follower too :)) Lovin' your skirt…it is very spring-like indeed 🙂

    Each weekend I also host a NO RULES Weekend Blog Party if you'd like to stop by and link up. You can link up anything you'd like to promote. It goes all weekend long 🙂



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