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Juste un peu Ethnique

Hello my dears!
I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday (what’s left of it anyway). I know that today I was supposed to upload the video outfit of the week, but I promise I’ll do that tomorrow cause I’m in a hurry. I am, though, going to share with you today’s outfit. I thought I’d do something more fun, more cheerful with a dash of ethnic print. What do you think ? 

What I wore:
– Sacha heels
– Zara shorts
Zara poncho
Forever 21 hat
Men at Work bag

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28 thoughts on “Juste un peu Ethnique Leave a comment

  1. You look amazing and what a gorgeous look! I love everything about it, and the two key pieces you used, such as the fedora, and boots for pop of colors. Genius!!! I love your style very much, and it is also very inspiring.


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