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Flowers and futuristic shoes

Hy, guys!
I just finished my day and I wanted just to sit back, relax and do my post with the outfit that I wore today.I swear that I stood in front of my dressing’s mirror until I chose something ! I remembered that joke with a girl who says ” I don’t have anything to wear”, although her closet in full. I don’t say that, I just think to myself that I don’t have any inspiration that day. This happened today as well, I just had a lack of inspiration.
I did tried to mix an outfit together: flower printed dress in Fall’s finest colors, with a trendy oversized bag and a futuristic accent given by my grey heels.

What I wore:
– New Look dress and bag
– Zara coat
– Versace heels

This is  it! I hope to see as many comments as possible to see if I pulled it off or not. And don’t worry, I accept constructive critic as well. ^^
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