What to wear to the beach

Hello,guys !!
Sorry for my long absence but I had a moment of craziness and at 4 am of the morning I parted to see the sea with a few friends ! ^^ It was so cool and we didn’t sleep at all !
As I was there I thought of an outfit post for you sweeties !! This is an outfit I wore to the beach there ! It’s very practical and so in for the season! It’s simple, yet cool !!

What I wore:
– Bershka shorts
– New Look corset top
– Guess bag
– Versace for H&M earrings
– Blanco flats
– DKNY watch
– Stradivarius bracelet

I think it’s a perfect outfit for the beach. The corset top is a must for this summer and I especially love this one cause it has a flower print on it.
So I hope you liked my outfit for today! I wish you a nice day and if you’re planning on leaving for the sea don’t forget to take a comfy outfit. You can be stylish even in shorts and flats with the right accessories ^^ !
Lots of kisses,
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5 thoughts on “What to wear to the beach

  1. Lovely Outfit again…… you are just so adorable sweetheart girl…… luvd your style.. 2nd pic was the best… killing looks……… So tell me buddy hws life… didnt see u much online… any good news coming up?


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