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OOTD : Neon top and Silver heels

Hello my darlings!
I just love the hot weather that is here and even though sometimes it drains your energy away, I still prefer it instead of the rainy weather of Belgium!
I shot my outfit just moments ago and I wanted to share it with you guys

What I wore:
– Bershka top
– Zara shorts
– Versace heels
– New Look cardigan 

I hope you like my outfit for today and I wish you a good day..I’ll enjoy my orange juice now ^^

One thought on “OOTD : Neon top and Silver heels Leave a comment

  1. Well well well.. every time.. i go through this you make me always short of words…. and i dont know what to write because i have used all words to describe your efforts….. but hey.. this time.. its typical girlish look.. amazing shots with lovely heels… but what i am in luv with the most is your chain (Scoropio & Butterfly)… i want this… tell me how can i get it .. i want this for my sis….

    last but not least you making this summer more hot


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