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Wedding outfit part I

Hello, guys!
Although the weekends pass so quick, I hope you had a great time ! I attended a wedding yesterday to a friend of mine and I must say that I had a lots of fun! ^^
I like weddings, except for the part when the grooms have their dance.. I tend to get so excited and sometimes even cry.. These ones danced to Celine Dion- Because you loved me. So as you know the song, it was so emotional.
I’d like to share with you sweeties my outfit I wore during the ceremony at the church and the other one at the reception afterwards.
For today I’ll just preview the one wore at the church. I like wearing simple, yet elegant things that really speak for themselves. Also for the hair-do and make-up, I tend to stick to something really simple and with well taste…

What I wore:
– Lanvin dress
– Zara sandals
– YSL clutch
– Swarovski earrings
– Chanel sunglasses

This was my outfit for the church ceremony.. I don’t know if I did a good job on being elegant and simple ( for you to tell ).
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I’ll be posting tomorrow my second outfit so stay tuned ! ^^

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