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Black, Silver & Neon

The weekend is here and the weather is wonderful ! Just a very quick post of today’s outfit! I swear I didn’t had any inspiration… I stood like one hour in from of my closet and trying everything on and it seem that nothing was nice. So in the end I went with this :

What I wore :
– Zara neon top 
– Guess vest top
– the shorts I have them from a local Ibiza store
– Mango bag
– Zara sandals
– Guess silver bracelet 
So here it is! My outfit for today that I wore going out to have a drink in the town.
Hope you enjoyed and if you like my style and are eager to read/see daily posts, you can follow me via GFC 🙂
Thank you so much guys for all your support ! You give me strength and joy to continue what I’m doing !

4 thoughts on “Black, Silver & Neon Leave a comment

  1. Los mejores looks son estos!los improvisados!jeje!Te ha quedado genial!El verde-lima me encanta!!
    Besitos guapa! y gracias por pasarte por mi blog!


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