So here I am, back home again and with lots of fun memories from my trip to Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza!
As I already posted some pictures from Mallorca, I also wanted to post some from Ibiza. I went there just for the weekend hoping to visit as much as possible of the island’s landscapes.
I went to many places like San Antonio , Eivissa , Es Canar.. etc where the color of the water differs from a beach to another!
I stayed in a Hotel in Es Canar witch was really nice ! You also have a port there where a boat to Formentera leaves everyday so you can also visit that famous island where lots of celebrities go there for the amazing beaches.
So here you have some photos that I took on my trip 🙂







I bought a lot of things from the islands.. like the Zara blouse and shorts, Blanco flats I am wearing :).
The bag I had it from Morgan de Toi that I really love and of course my Prada sunglasses ..
I already miss those wonderful landscapes, warm water , hot sun and of course, the many stores you find there !
Hope you guys liked my post…I wish you all a great vacation if you plan on having one and as for me, I’m planning tomorrow’s outfit of the day ! We’re back in “business” 🙂

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