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Fashion made easy

Hey, sweets !So as you are reading this, I’m already parted on my vacation !
The most important thing for me is that I got away from all those rainy days and the rush of the city!
So here is some dresses I highly recommend for summer!
I think they are so gorgeous and affordable ^^

Only 16.99$
This one is 30.99 $
If you want a closer look or interested in buying click here
35.99 $
More infos HERE
It’s a new online store that doesn’t have very many dresses so you’ll be more..unique to say so! 🙂
They ship worldwide and you have some reductions as well with the help of some coupons you receive at registration! 
I think all the dresses are cute, but I made my top 3! 
I’m thinking on buying the floral one’s perfect for the summer, don’t you think so?
This is how I would style it 🙂
Lovely dress
Thank you for viewing my blog and hope I will have your thoughts .I will continue posting even though I am here ( I have them scheduled 😉 ), so stay tuned 😡

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