Masculine/Jazz Influences

Good afternoon, sweets ! Hope your weather is better then ours here in Belgium.. we had rain all the morning and now I’ve managed to go out a little.
I am not a fan of rain.. but I guess it’s good for the air,cleaning all the pollution of the city.
Today I wanted to wear something more.. particular πŸ™‚
I was listening to Billie Holiday all morning and it got me in the mood to come up it a “jazzy” outfit! It’s a bit masculine as well..
So here it is :

What I wore :
– H&m leggingsΒ 
– Zara shorts
– F21 ruffle top
– New Look blazer
– New Look necklaceΒ 
– Guess bracelet
– DKNY watch
– Guerlain purse
– Bershka booties

Sorry for the long post.. I tend to post a lot of photos sometimes πŸ™‚
But anyway, I’d love to hear what you think about my outfit!
Until next time, take care!

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