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– Guess 30 years Anniversary –

Hello guys!!!
I just came back from the Guess store, they had their 30 years Anniversary today, 30th May, and had a 30 minutes 30% off promotion on all the store ( not also the watches ) , but anyway it was really nice 🙂

This is the store of Bruxelles. It’s nice,isn’t it ? 🙂

First I had the impression that the anniversary was in the morning, but it was at 16h00.. the store was all “dressed up ” :), there weren’t that many customers. I don’t know why..

Anyway I had lots of fun choosing some stuff for myself :).I always like attending this sort of events.

Here is what I wore for this one 🙂

What I wore :
well.. all Guess :).. from accessories (watch, earrings, bag, sunglasses, etc ) to apparel 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed my post although the “party”

wasn’t as the one in LA.. it was fun and I had the chance to buy some nice garments at great prices !
Sadly the service is a bit weak… 😦
Until next time I wish you a great day and take care!
 ♥ R

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