French Riviera

This time I have a special place to show you guys… I want to introduce you a little to a part of the French Riviera.
Went there the 19th of March…checked in a really nice hotel near Nice, in a small lovely village called Juan Les Pins . The hotel was really welcoming , reception good and they had a great breakfast in the morning.
The region is very calm and if you want just to hear nothing at night and really want a peaceful vacation to put your mind in order, you don’t even have to go around much! You have the beach really close to the hotel , the train station and the bus station as well.
Me,  I wanted to take advantage of every minute cause time was short and I wanted to see as much as I can of the French Riviera !
One of my great desires was to visit Saint Tropez!
So here you have the port of Saint Tropez..a lot of yachts , well dressed people and just plain richness !The place the stars visit , especially the VIP ROOM famous club there and Nikki Beach

 The landscapes there are gorgeous , that beautiful combination of sea and mountain takes your breath away !
I passed also through Cannes and in my last day I was in Monte Carlo ,Monaco witch is literally the most wonderful place I’ve ever seen in my life since now !
Been in front of the famous Casino and the beach…


I had a pleasant 3 days witch I’ll never forget !

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 ♥ R.

One thought on “French Riviera

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